KUHN RIKON - A Success Story

Known throughout the World

Kuhn Rikon has been producing high quality cookware and practical cooks’ tools to inspire the world of cooking since 1926.  Our focus is on quality, function and innovation made possible through attention to detail, top quality raw materials, modern production facilities and refined manufacturing processes. 

This long established company has been producing cookware on the same site in Rikon, Switzerland since 1899 and the Kuhn Rikon brand is now recognised around the globe.  This Swiss family firm has subsidiary companies in Great Britain, Spain and the USA. The products are distributed, from Switzerland, throughout the world to more than 40 countries.

One of Kuhn Rikon’s key brands, Duromatic, is synonymous with pressure cookers. The firm has vast experience and knowledge about pressure cooking, the Duromatic pressure cookers are known around the world for their superb quality, safety features and ease of use – in fact they are not allowed out of the factory before being subjected to a durability test that simulates 50 years of use.

Our customers treasure our ‘Swiss made’ quality and have huge confidence in the brand.

KUHN RIKON - Swiss design & Swiss made

Attention to Detail

Kuhn Rikon products are characterised by outstanding Swiss design.  This has been recognised in recent years as some of the innovative and superbly functional products have won many design awards, such as RedDot and IF awards, as well as the French ‘Grand Prix Table et Cadeau’. Plus – Kuhn Rikon products are sold in the highly discerning shop at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa).

To make superb cookware is much the same as making a superb meal.  Just as no self-respecting chef would work with sub-standard ingredients, we too, use only the very best raw materials. Our cookware is manufactured with the same care and attention to detail that any serious cook would devote to preparing an exquisite meal. To achieve the best results, our team of designers and toolmakers will design and develop our own production lines and use state of the art CAD and CAM to develop cookware that will meet the demands of all cooks.

Our production processes are planned and controlled by computer. Every process is checked and monitored to ensure that the finished product meets our consistently high standards of quality.  That’s Swiss made for you!

Take a tour of the Kuhn Rikon cookware factory.


KUHN RIKON and the Environment 

Our Responsibilities

As Switzerland’s leading cookware manufacturer we explore and implement the most sustainable processes for the environment. In our view corporations should make a contribution towards sustainable practices, so we seek to balance economic, ethical, ecological and social needs. The Kuhn Rikon factory combines state of the art technology and environmentally friendly processes to ensure production is as efficient as possible.

Our cookware helps to save energy. From material production to manufacturing and distribution – all these steps require energy, but it is our mission to reduce this energy to a minimum. When in use our Duromatic pressure cooker uses up to 70% less energy than conventional pots, while our Durotherm and Hotpan cookware save up to 60% on energy. In fact, the bases on many of our pots and pans are designed to heat up quickly and efficiently, retaining heat and keeping energy demands as low as possible.



Heritage & Tradition

Here are some important milestones in our development, from the 19th century to the present day.

1899 - The “Rykon Spinning Mill” is converted into a coppersmiths and tinning shop.

1926 - Heinrich Kuhn buys a steel and copper pan factory, known locally as the ’Pfanni’.

1927 – The growing popularity of electric hobs calls for improvements in pots and pans. Heinrich Kuhn develops the first aluminium ‘Duro’ cookware suitable for electric hobs.

1932 – Following the death of Heinrich Kuhn his 18-year-old son, Henri, takes over management of the business.

1947 -  Henri’s brother, the engineer Jacques, joins the company as technical director. The company enjoys impressive growth under the leadership of the two brothers.  

1949 -  The DUROMATIC pressure cooker is launched, invented by Jacques Kuhn, it becomes an instant success and the company’s first export item.

1975 – Durotherm is launched - the first double-walled cookware that can be used for cooking, serving and keeping food warm. The range is patented and sold worldwide.

1980 – Kuhn Rikon UK, a subsidiary of Kuhn Rikon, is established in Wolverhampton, England to distribute throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

1984 - Jacques Kuhn hands over control of Kuhn Rikon to Dr. Wolfgang Auwärter-Kuhn and Hans-Heinrich Kuhn.

2000 - The ‘Brand Asset Valuator’ by Advico Young & Rubicam (a global consultancy firm) once again names ‘Kuhn Rikon’ the best brand for quality.

2009 – Kuhn Rikon celebrates 60 years since the launch of the Duromatic pressure cooker.

2011 – The colourful and practical Colori kitchen knives are introduced to the market.